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Step by Step Guide to Starting your Cleaning Business

I have been getting so many questions regarding this lately that I’ve decided to try to put this guide together to make this as simple as possible. I hope this helps. Let me know!

The only 3 Things You Need to Start Your Cleaning Business

  1. You need the training, equipment and necessary paperwork
  2. You need to market your new cleaning business
  3. You need accounts to clean

Let’s start with number 1, training, equipment and necessary paperwork. For the most part you probably have been cleaning your own house for years so you already know how to clean. Also, you most likely have most of the equipment needed. The one piece you’ll probably need is a commercial heavy duty vacuum cleaner; you know the one with the red bag. These really suck …. up all the dirt from the carpets. You CANNOT use a household vacuum cleaner. Try the local classifieds or your nearest vacuum repair shop for used ones.

As far as additional training, this blog does show how other professional cleaners in our industry; utilize the tips, tricks and secrets learned throughout the years. Hey, sharing is caring. So, if you have any questions about a particular cleaning method, go view the training videos. Got your own tip, let me know and I’ll include your videos and tips on this blog!

Necessary paperwork. Of course you’ll need liability insurance and a bond. The liability insurance in case you break something and the bond in case something comes up missing and they blame you. However, the most important piece of paperwork is the cleaning contract your client signs with you. It protects both you and your client. It should include a work schedule of exactly what you’ll be doing so everyone in on the same page (pun intended!). You can do some research on the internet and find some good examples. Some will be free and others will cost you per contract. In my Commercial Cleaning Startup Kit I’ve included both the work schedule sample and the client agreement. This is the exact one I use everyday in my cleaning business. Just make sure whatever you discuss with your client, it is in writing!

Number 2, marketing your cleaning business. The least expensive way is to get a few hundred business cards printed up and hand them out to everyone you know and let them know you’re looking for accounts to clean. Chances are your friends have jobs and the companies they work for will need a cleaning service, or they might know of someone who does. You can also stop in at all the businesses you normally visit and do a “business card exchange” you take one of theirs and give them one of yours, with a smile of course! Don’t talk any business with them on that visit unless THEY invite you to. You’re simply there to exchange cards and smiles.

Once you have a few cleaning accounts and are ready to expand your operation, there are proven sales letters, telemarketing scripts and marketing campaigns that you can use to get more appointments. Your advertising budget will determine which programs you will utilize. Again, the internet has a bunch of samples and examples. If you want to short cut that process, my Kit has all of that. (sorry, this sounds like a shameless plug, but I am proud of what is in there. It’s what I use.)

Number 3, accounts to clean. When you show up to clean your account, give them more than they expect. Put that little extra effort into making that place just shine. Most businesses are used to mediocre results. Prove them wrong! By putting in that little bit more, it will automatically make you excel above ANY competition. Free word of mouth is the best advertising and you can afford tons of that from a satisfied client. For example; the doctor’s office you clean three times a week. He goes golfing on Wednesdays with his other doctor buddies and they complain about their cleaners not doing a good enough job or things are misplaced or missing. Who do you think your doctor account is going to recommend, you of course.

In summary; you don’t need very much to start a cleaning business. Just a little extra training, some commercial quality equipment and professional looking paperwork to give you the edge. Throw in some proven examples of marketing techniques and soon you’ll have a solid, reliable client base. Do an outstanding job in cleaning each account and your business will grow automatically. Of course, this blog is here as your support resource for all things cleaning. It changes and improves everyday, so check back soon and please share your success stories!

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